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Dragons’ Back

56th Caroline Watt  Total time 70.00.08

Elaine Stewart (not given a total time)
Full results Here

Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

Mike Raffan 34.17.58

239 overall, 130 in category

Cateran Trail Single and Double(!)

Mike Raffan says:

Results from both races attached (55mile and 110miles) of 3 Cosmics that I know of started. (Me, Gary “The Spine” Morrison and Alan “Doing every ultra out there” Cormack). One runner ended up in hospital for dehydration but thankfully he is on the mend.

This was Scotland’s first 100+ mile race and in my opinion the toughest race in Scotland.


Mike Raffan 1st place Double Cateran 22.35.00

Gary Morrison DNF at Blairgowrie on return leg of Double 21.20

Alan Cormack Cateran 55 11.26.05 (which we believe is a massive 2 hour improvement on PB!)

The Spine

Spine Challenger (108 miles 60 hour limit)

Alan Cormack 16th place 55h 33m


Spine Race (268 miles 7 days limit)

Gary Morrison Currently 12th 76 hours and counting at Check Point 3…


Race tracking here

Ramsay Round Attempt (from July)

Ramsay Round 1 Jim Paxman 0

Clockwise. Set off in extreme heat (12:30pm) and was struggling before the top of the Ben. Water in bottles quickly became too warm to be satisfying and eating sufficient food (normally one of my strengths) was beyond me in the heat. Lost more time climbing Aonoch Mor. I put in a big effort along the Grey Corries to try to stay in the game until the cool of the night. In doing so I used up a lot of petrol and, having not taken enough fuel on board in the meantime, the wheels came right off on the next big climb up on to the Easains where I gave up and walked in to Fersit. There were 2 other contenders who both got further but neither completed. I never thought that I’d ever say this about Scottish weather, but it was too good. I’ll be back!

Luxury Cosmic Mountain Marathon

Day 1 Start Day 1 Finish Day 1 Total Day 2 Start Day 2 Finish Day 2 Total Total
Pavlova Party 

(Ann, Pauline, Mike)

B 0925 Ann 1550 

Pauline & Mike 1555






Ann + Mike only

1442 DNF 




Small/Far Away 

(Neil + Greg)

A 0929 1646 7.15 0941 

on B course

1548 6.07



(Elaine + Richard)

A 0930 1542 6.12 0941 15.42 6.01 12.13
Colin + Sean A 0930 1546 6.16 0935 1535 6.00 12.16

(Matt + Neil)

A 0933 1607 6.40 0940 1523 DNF



(Gary, Linda, Gillian)

A 0936 1739 8.03 0940 

Swapped Gary for Ian + Henry the dog

1739 7.59 16.02
Bob + Liz B 0940 1516 5.36 0933 1546 6.13 11.49

Course winners:

A: Elaine + Richard

B: Bob + Liz

North Pole Marathon

Jonathon Bellarby writes of his exploits at the pole:

“Finished in 5:38, so not exactly fast, despite a reasonably flat course. 9th overall out of 44. Was cool (-34 deg C) – nearly as bad as Kerloch on a winter’s day.

I’ve double checked all extremities and they are still attached. Hurray!

Slightly hung over at moment. This may relate to the event being organised by Irish and Russians?”

Spine Result

Gary finished in 6 days, 9 hours and 28 minutes!

Full results here

The Spine Race

Gary Morrison is partaking in this madness again!

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