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4 Chris Hill Cosmic HB MS 00:58:34
8 Alex Gaastra Cosmic HB MS 01:02:20
9 Chris Tomlin Cosmic HB MV 01:02:40
11 William Nicolson Cosmic HB MV 01:03:27
12 David Marshall Cosmic HB MS 01:03:34
20 Andrew Inglis Cosmic HB MS 01:06:52
26 Dennis McDonald Cosmic HB MSV 01:09:29
28 Veronquie Oldham Cosmic HB FV 01:09:55
54 Mark Stockton Cosmic HB MS 01:14:12
71 Carl Reeves Cosmic HB MV 01:16:47
77 Sarah Hodgkinson Cosmic HB FS 01:17:39
79 Rob Irvine Cosmic HB MV 01:18:13
103 Ian Hamilton Cosmic HB MSV 01:22:41
106 Colin Reid Cosmic HB MV 01:23:00
110 Gary Gutteridge Cosmic HB MSV 01:23:17
120 Anita Hamilton Cosmic HB FSV 01:24:32
138 Elaine Stewart Cosmics HB FSV 01:28:49
144 Gillian Clunas Cosmic HB FSV 01:30:46
157 Murray Bryce Cosmic Hill bashers MSV 01:36:13


Ultra Trail du Mont Blanc

Mike Raffan 34.17.58

239 overall, 130 in category

Colourcoil TMBT 25k, Sabah

Carolyn Hare, now in Brunei, placed 17th/167 starters at the Colourcoil TMBT 25k trail race around Mt Kinabalu in Sabah, Malaysia, Sept 14th. The elevation profile is fairly impressive, a lot of which was hashing through the jungle.

World Masters Mountain Running Championships 2012

Elaine Stewart 16th F55 70.22

More info on SHR here.

WMRA World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge

Scotland, through Tom Owens (2nd), Robbie Simpson (3rd) and Jethro Lennox (4th) have been crowned World Long Distance champions in Slovenia.

The womens team were also on the podium, with an excellent 3rd place, thanks to Fiona Maxwell (10th), Andrea Priestley (11th) and Claire Gordon (17th).

Andy Fallas finished in 14th and Simon Peachey was 35th

Further info, results and photos on the WMRA site here.


Three Peaks

Missed this

10th Simon Peachey  M 03:10:31

Aonach Mor Mountain Race

Uphill only race, including this year’s Senior Home International.

1 00:33:03 Orlando Edwards INT M England
2 00:33:22 James McMullan INT M England
3 00:33:49 Jon Brown INT M England

19 00:37:45 Dan Whitehead Open M Cosmics

1 00:38:56 Victoria Wilkinson INT W England
2 00:40:47 Tracey Brindley INT W Scotland
3 00:40:51 Clare Whitehead INT W Scotland

1st women’s team – Scotland

World Masters

Five Cosmics took part in the World Masters Mountain Running Championship, held in Korbielow, Poland

The course was uphill only, 8km with 960m of climb.

Colin Larmour M45 00.58.47
Elaine Stewart W50 1.12.23
Anne Stone W55 1.16.03
Pauline Larmour W45 1.23.19
Ann Anderson W65 1.38.46

More info here

7th World Long Distance Mountain Running Challenge

This event was held this weekend at Pikes Peak, Manitou Springs, Colorado.

Simon Peachey was running for Scotland, in a team that finished fourth in a time of 8:06:50.2 (with Paul J Raistrick and Kenny Richmond).

The Scottish women finished third.

See the WMRA website here for more info.

Inter-Counties Race

This was held at the Lletty hill race near Llangynhafal, Denbighshire in North Wales. Clare Whitehead represented Scotland North and finished 54th overall and 6th lady. The Scotland North ladies finished 4th in the team competition and also included Emma O’Shea and Ruth MacKenzie.