Cosmic Hillbashers Aberdeenshire 101 Challenge

Hall of Fame - 101 compleaters:

JB in 229 days, on 7th Oct 2010

What is it?

A challenge to get you all out doing the hills you don't normally...
An endurance event - who can complete 101 selected hills first?

Get to know Lower Aberdeensire like never before!

Go straight to the input page. There are also links from this page to google maps, the list of hills and lists of Who Has Done What!

Hill list in excel format. (Does not include runs or dates)

PDF map of hills in the list.

Excel dump of ABZ101 data.

Top Ten 101ers

Name New! No. Hills Climbed Elapsed Time (days) Speed (hills/day)
Jonathan BellarbyProfile1012290.44
Bob SheridanProfile8017260.05
Sean O'SullivanProfile545800.09
Anita HamiltonProfile447770.06
Colin RussellProfile37420.88
Gillian ClunasProfile286100.05
Dennis McDonaldProfile252030.12
Colin LarmourProfile231130.2
Ian SearleProfile211190.18
Gary GutteridgeProfile191200.16