Results of The Krunce Race Series

If you want more details about how the results are calculated - here's Ewen's Krunce calculator   

How many Krunce races have you run?  Can you guess who has done over 50? 
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2009 Overall Results

1st Pauline Larmour  31pts

2= Dan Whitehead & Gary Gutteridge  26 pts


April      May        June  July   August        September  


April      May        June        July        Aug     Sep


Overall Series Results 2007

1st  Matt Brettle    34
2nd Christine Buckley  33
3rd Derek Johnstone 29
4th Chris Jessiman 27

April        May        June        July        Aug        Sep


April        May        June        July        August        September

NB The September course was altered because of forestry work.

Overall Series Results 2006

1st equal with 22 points

Colin Larmour    Alan Smith    Elaine Stewart

4th equal with 20 points
Rob Irvine        Derek Johnstone